YouTube starts zooming in/out for Premium users

YouTube starts zooming in/out for Premium users

YouTube has a program that allows premium subscribers to access completely new features that aren’t completely baked in. Today, YouTube dropped a new element called “Pinch to Zoom” for viewers that allows you to zoom in on a video on the screen, even in landscape mode.

YouTube Premium subscribers get lots of little extra features like background playback and downloaded videos that are included in the YouTube experience. By being able to try out different new experimental features, Premium users can discover new tools before anyone else.

Previous beta features have made their way into the full YouTube experience. The ability to voice search in the browser has found its way to YouTube through the Experiments page. Another experience offered to Premium users was easier playlist management, allowing users to easily drag and reorder upcoming videos.

Today, YouTube has added a new zoom feature to its beta features page. This is a little different from the long-for-everyone feature that lets you fill your screen in landscape mode. Instead of filling your screen, pinch to zoom allows you to use two fingers to zoom in on the video player. Once you zoom in, you can navigate and take a closer look at parts of the video. This feature appears to be specifically designed for portrait mode viewing.

If you are a Premium member, you can find the new feature in the YouTube app on Android; Just click on profile picture then hit Your Premium Benefits. From there, you can find a file Try the new features page and turn on YouTube pinch to zoom. Getting started may take a while so you can give this new tool a shot.

Tweak to Zoom will only be available until September 1, giving YouTube Premium users time to try out the new feature and leave comments. We’ll likely see this feature in full on the road, although we’re not sure exactly when and if the tool will reach non-paid members.

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