Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Chain Attack Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chain Attack Guide

Warning: As with all Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guides, the following article contains spoilers.

There are several overlapping systems operating within the fantastic strategic combat system of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. From returning items such as Automatic attacks and positional attacksclass tactics such as drawing aggro and perform combos that slash and take down your enemies, to new things like new cool ones bonding The tricks that see you turn into powerful killing machines.

On top of all this we also have chain of attackswhich might seem a bit complicated at first glance, so let’s take a quick look at what makes it tick.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chain Attack Guide

If you fight opponents in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 it will gradually fill your domain Chain Attack Gauge, which is located to the right of your screen during regular battles, as shown in the image below. When this is ready, it will start flashing and a quick press of the “+” button will bring the chain attack state into the game.

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Once you are in the chain attack, you will be presented with a file String arrangement A screen featuring a few different characters, each with their own attack order that they can carry out. Browse these attack commands and see the rewards you will get for completing them successfully. For example, if you were to choose Mio’s “Lightning Quick” orderyour reward will be to reduce the attacker and healer’s attack by 100%, as shown in achievement reward Details only under order selection. Noah’s brave attack It gives attacks a 100% chance to bypass defenses, and so on.

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Successful completion of your chosen order grants you this bonus, a bonus that will remain for the duration of the Chain Attack at hand, stacking up all the others you’ve collected. sweats. Now let’s pick a command, we’ll go with Noah because we want the neutralization bonus to defend, and once we do that, we’re on the right attack. Take a look below and you’ll see our available characters at the bottom left of the screen. It is important to note that here Anyone outside the commission when starting a chain attack for the first time will not be available to useSo think about that when you’re about to go. It’s also important to note that once you use a character they are outside of the current chain’s attack chain, unless they get it ReactivatedWe’ll have a look at reactivation shortly.

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But first, let’s take a look at the characters we have available as we get into the attack order. Everyone has numbers above their heads, that’s it Tactical Points (TP). The number on top of each fighter’s head is the lowest amount of TP you will get when choosing to use them in each turn. What do we need to get TP? Well, in the upper right you have a file TP . scale And we need to get this TP meter above the 99% mark to successfully complete the order. So, in the simplest terms, our task here is to choose the characters that will make this number reach 100% and more. Once we are there, we sit back and watch the cool animation as your enemy defeats you. The more you exceed 100%, the higher the level damage multiplier It rises at the bottom right of the screen and the more energy we cut off our opponent’s health bar.

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This is where Chain Attacks now starts to fold into a lot of great strategizing layers when you get used to doing them and you start to Keep in mind, not just the TP numbers involved or the bonus you’ll earn, but what attacks you do and how they affect you both during a chain attack And the right after that.

If you choose an attacker, you need to think about the type of attack you will use to inflict as much damage as possible, and raise your TP as higher than your base number as possible. For example, Noah started with TP 30 here, so that’s our base, but Depending on the attack we use, how often it hits, its location and type, it will add more TP to this total.. This may seem complicated at first, but you will soon get an idea of ​​what attacks with large numbers do.

Moreover, we need to Consider other aspects such as healing and buffs. If your party is in poor condition, and health is low, You’ll want to launch healing attacks in order to restore your health so you can come out of the chain attack in good shape. This way – and this is something you can think of once you get used to the whole thing – you can save on using the chain attack in battle just to deploy it when you need your recovery most. Healers can also lower your enemies’ defenses and you can also raise your team’s defenses. There are a lot of things to consider here outside of the TP scale.

Now there are some other rules that will always apply once you choose a chain command and start attacking.

Class-Specific Rules

1. Using a character of the same order class – check the code on the order itself – will ensure that you get extra TP for their movement. For example, Noah’s Brave Assault command has a red attack sword symbol on it, so using a character with that symbol will earn you extra points.

2. Attacking characters, if chosen first, will always get a multiplier of 125% of their TP at the end of their turn.

3. Support characters, such as healers, cannot make the TP scale exceed 99%so you can’t use it to finish the round – Unless they’re a special hero Who can bypass this? This might sound annoying, but what you can do here is use support characters to get up to 99% safe without going over the order and ending the order. Then you can use a character with a high base TP and choose an attack that will do high damage to watch that missile meter up.

3. Completing a command with a cannon (blue shield icon) will ensure that you reactivate the character with the highest current base protection point for your next round.. This means that you can build a character’s base TP over several turns to score some big points and leverage to deal multiplier damage.


We mentioned reactivation earlier. After each successful request, you will automatically reactivate a character, so you’re taking 1 person back to support the number of attempts you must make to complete your next chosen order. Like we said earlier, you can also influence who you reactivate with a Defender character to finish it off, giving you the highest TP member of your team again for the next round.

Moreover, depending on the TP scale score you end up with, you will get more and more revitalized characters to play with. Score more than 100% and you’ll get one character back. Score more than 150, you get two, and anything over 200 goals gives you three of your teammates to launch into the next round.

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There are a host of other ways to influence reactivation outside of these few parameters, mostly by Make sure you have a hero character in your squad, each of them has a special ability during chain attacks. Play with the heroes and remember to choose wisely as you attack in order to maximize that meter and keep the chain attack rolling.

Interlink attacks within a chain attack can cause massive damage, and in order to pull it off, you just need to Complete the chain arrangement for two of Ouroboros partners. So, for example, complete Lanz’s order and then complete Sena’s order and you’ll find Ouroboros joint order waiting for you when you return to the order screen. The great thing about these commands, in addition to all the extra damage they cause, is that they revitalize your entire party to join in.

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However, these attacks, once implemented, It will also end the current chain attack, so be aware of this if you want to maximize turns. Moreover, you can also actually Perform 2 Interlink attacks by entering a chain attack once your Interlink level reaches 3 during normal battleSo, level up your Interlink by pulling out merges, combos, etc, then hit that chain attack button once you’re ready.


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Exaggerate. This is very clear. If you can Kill an enemy during a chain attack that is not yet complete, you will go into Overkill mode which gives you great XP gain. You can see this XP gain as a percentage in the bottom right of the screen, just above the damage multiplier. Keep completing orders, up to the maximum allowed, and you’ll continue to increase your XP rewards. basic.

Remember to check out the in-game guide if you are confused about any aspect of chain attacks and try some tutorials in order to get a good understanding of everything, and soon you will hit the TP Gauge scale above the 500% mark like an absolute beast. Good luck and God bless you!

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