The 5 Best Controllers For PC Gaming

Top 5 best PC game consoles

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While some of us are completely satisfied with using a mouse and keyboard when playing PC games, sometimes a console is better. There is just something about playing Welcome On a computer without a console does not feel comfortable.

There are some great consoles made for PC gaming, along with consoles that can be used across platforms. If you are looking to add a console for your PC gaming setup, we have some suggestions for you.

Before we dive in, we should note that this article focuses only on traditional controls. If you’re in the market for something more specialized, you can head here to check out guides for racing wheels, fly sticks, and combat pads, as most of these controllers are PC compatible.

Here are our picks for the best PC game controllers.

8BitDo Pro 2 . Controller

Photo: 8BitDo

We’ve garnered a lot of praise for 8BitDo gamepads in the past, and we’ll take any excuse we can again. In our review of 8BitDo Pro 2, we called it one of the best third-party controllers (and the best one you can choose for your Nintendo Switch). It looks great, feels great and works great.

If you play a lot of old games, 8BitDo Pro 2 is a powerful console. It has been designed with a “classic” feel in mind and includes two “Pro-Level” buttons on the back. This controller comes bundled with 8BitDo Ultimate software, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to customizing button mapping, joystick sensitivity, vibration control, and creating macros.

where to buy it: eBay ($69.99) | Kogan ($79) | Amazon Australia ($84.90)

Logitech G F310 Gamepad

Logitech G f310 gamepad
Photo: Logitech

Looking for a more affordable option? Logitech is another one of those brands with a very good track record when it comes to PC gaming peripherals, and the F310 is one of the best consoles you can get for under $60 (or less, if you can get it on sale).

The Logitech F310 is a fairly no-frills PC console – plug it into a USB-A port and you’re ready to go. Its form factor is close to that of a PlayStation console, so there’s a nice familiarity when carrying it. The Logitech F310 is a wired console, which may be a deal breaker for some. The shoulder buttons are also a bit thin, so you may need to adjust the way you normally hold them to compensate for that.

where to buy it: Amazon Australia ($38) | eBay ($48.90) | Logitech ($59.95)

Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Game Console

Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Game Console
Photo: Scanner

In terms of form factor, the Razer Wolverine V2 has everything you would want in a good PC controller. It’s lightweight, well-knit side grip, solid mechanical keys with nice feedback and fits comfortably in your hands. It also includes two resettable multifunction buttons, along with the ability to customize button mapping, stick sensitivity, and vibration levels.

The Wolverine’s only major drawback is that it’s a wired controller – although that might not be a big deal if you’re playing while sitting at your desk. The Razer Wolverine V2 is also compatible with the Xbox Series X/S (which explains why its design is similar to the console’s original console).

If you’re someone who needs all of their PC accessories to get RGB functionality, there’s a Chroma variant of the Wolverine V2 available. But at $254.95 a pop, you really want to love your RGB peripherals.

where to buy it: eBay ($129) | Microsoft ($169.95) | Razer ($169.95)

Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller

DualSense Wireless Controller - PlayStation 5
Photo: Sony

If you already own a PlayStation 5, that’s good news, you already have a great PC controller. The PS5’s DualSense controller is great – it’s powerful and comfortable with precise feedback. “Pushing buttons feels good” seems to be an obvious metric for a controller, but the DualSense really does feel comfortable using it.

To use the PS5 controller with your PC, you have two options: Plug and Play or Bluetooth. For the former, all you need is either a USB-C to USB-A or USB-C cable to connect it directly to your computer. It is important that the USB cable can transfer data, not just power.

If you want to keep things wireless, access your computer’s Bluetooth settings. Now get the PS5 controller unplugged and off and hold down the PS button and the build button at the same time. After pressing these buttons for a few seconds, the touchpad light bar should blink and you will be able to select the controller from the list of available Bluetooth devices. Congratulations, your PS5 console is now a PC console.

where to buy it: Amazon Australia ($89) | eBay ($99) | Kogan ($99.95)

Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller
Photo: Microsoft

Like the PS5, the console that comes with the Xbox Series X/S is a great choice for PC peripherals. In Kotaku Australia’s review of the Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller, we praised how much it improves on the already great design of the Xbox One console. It has improved tactility and is more comfortable to hold and use.

The Xbox Wireless Controller can be connected directly to your computer via a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

To pair your console with Bluetooth, you must hold the Pair button for three seconds until the Xbox button starts flashing. Once you do that, open your computer’s Bluetooth settings and you will be able to select the Xbox Wireless Controller from the list of available devices. Unfortunately, the console’s rumble feature will not work when connected via Bluetooth.

Where to buy it: Amazon Australia ($89) | eBay ($89) | Microsoft ($89.95)

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