The new 10th generation iPad is rumored to have an all-new design and a USB-C port

The new 10th generation iPad is rumored to have an all-new design and a USB-C port

The 10th generation iPad will get an all-new design when it is released later this year according to a leak of the device from the cover manufacturer.

MySmartPrice sends Tech Guide (and we suspect many other tech sites) an email with the subject line: Tip – EXCLUSIVE – iPad 2022 CAD is leaked, expected to be released soon.

The link in the email showed several images said to be a CAD rendering of the entry-level iPad for 2022.

It had flat bezels on both sides and a single rear camera with a similar bump that was first seen on the iPhone X.

From the front, the iPad looks almost identical to the 9th generation model and includes a home button.

But performances suggest that it may also have a slightly larger screen.

The current 9th generation iPad measures 10.2 inches, so it’s very likely that the 10th generation version will grow by a few millimeters to 10.5 inches or 10.9 inches.

The new iPad is expected to measure 24.86 cm x 17.95 cm and 6.9 mm thick.

The current iPad measures 25.06 cm x 17.41 cm and is 7.5 mm thick.

This means 10The tenth The Gen iPad would be shorter, wider and thinner.

These renderings also show the speaker grilles on the top and bottom edges of the iPad which may also indicate the arrangement of the quad speakers.

Another area of ​​speculation is whether the iPad will keep its Lightning port or move to a USB-C port to give it the same connectivity as any other iPad in the lineup.

The new iPad and newer iPad Pro models are expected to be unveiled in October.

But they are likely to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 14 next month.

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