Pokemon Scarlet Violet

The Legendary Pokemon Scarlett / Violet is a disposable Pokemon that is unlocked from the beginning of the game

We got the latest look at Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet tonight and a bunch of new information has been revealed.

The biggest piece of information for sure was the fact that the legendary Pokemon Corydon and Meridon would be available from the start and would serve as bases to conquer the open world which is the all-new Baldia region. This includes driving, flying and traversing through the sea on your trusty Pokémon Mountain.

There are three modes of transportation:

    • jump drive: Traveling through Paldea on foot can be very challenging. If you learn how to ride Sprinting Build Koraidon or Drive Mode Miraidon, you will be able to traverse the vast Paldea region more freely and at full speed.
    • Swimming / Water Sports: On your adventure, you’ll be able to jump into vibrant rivers, lakes and oceans to get close to the Pokémon that live there or cross dangerous waters in an instant by riding Swimming Build Koraidon or Aquatic Mode Miraidon.
    • gliding / gliding: You can jump from mountains, steep cliffs or tall buildings and slide towards your destination. Not only does this give you more options when choosing what to do, but you can also move around freely and enjoy a view that you can only see from the Paldean sky.

We’ve taken another look at multiplayer which also includes the ability to roam the open world with friends on your legendary bases alongside three friends.

There will be 8 gyms in the game which is one of the 3 floors that the game will offer. The other two haven’t been talked about yet, but it’s been said that you’ll be able to follow the three big stories as you see fit.

New Pokemon Violet / Scarlet Pokemon

There will also be Pokedex in a big way. We’ve been getting a fresh look at new Pokemon including Wooper (Paldean Form), Fidough and Cetitan as well as Tera form Pokemon (basically a large crystal Pokemon) capable of changing species and enhancing moves in Tera Raids (which seem to be similar to the Dynamax blitz).

Tera Pikachu

The cheapest version of the pokemon crimson / purple

Those who pre-order the game will be able to get a special Pikachu that cannot be captured in the game. She knows the movement of the fly and that her Tera flies.

Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet release on November 18.

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