Super Mario 64 becomes the first-person horror game in the fan project

Super Mario 64 becomes the first-person horror game in the fan project

A man receives a mysterious message from his girlfriend, and arrives at a castle to find it missing, many rooms full of monsters…It’s the classic setting of 1996 Super Mario 64sure, but it’s also a survival horror game, which is why this new fan-made project is just right.

Across Nintendo LiveThis is it Another princess in our castle“a Super Mario 64 Inspired horror experience, where “I decided to go back to Peach Castle a few years after the princess’ death, but something wasn’t quite right…”

While this sounds like an adaptation from a first-person perspective, It’s actually a completely fan-made project from the ground up, designed with perspective in mind. WAlthough it’s currently only a short demo to play, its creator, Claudio Mundin, hopes to eventually flesh it out into something more substantial.

This is a trailer made by Mondin:

Another Princess in Our Castle – Super Mario 64 Horror Game Trailer

Here are some gameplay screenshots, which show how the point is to sneak around the castle to collect items, all the while trying to avoid the princess who is definitely not a peach:

As Munden says, it’s pretty much just a demo, so don’t expect much from it, Out some sneakiness (and the very cool novelty of it). I will play more later today, Just to find out what the promised mystery really is (hopefully the ghost is upset about that Cake turned her dog).

You can download and play the demo for yourself here. I don’t want to hear anything about lawyers in the commentsEither, just go and enjoy something awesome a fan made.


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