"Stray" speed racers already beat the game in less than an hour

“Stray” speed racers already beat the game in less than an hour

I had a great time with stray, so much so that I stuck with it long enough to win the Platinum Trophy…sorry, the Platinum Trophy. The last trophy I got was to finish the match in less than two hours in the second round. I’ll admit I was sweating a little towards the end, but I finished about 15 minutes later.

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There are no such concerns for players who have been diligently planning the best methods stray, anyway. Some speed runners are actually able to complete the game in less than an hour. As I spotted it GamesRadara French sprinter named Erims now holds the record 54:21 on PC (they also have a significantly longer PS5 record of 1:12:18).

This fast time includes the length of the miscellaneous scenes that cannot be skipped. However, Erims does benefit from some glitches, including wall clips and near-instant dialogue skips. The error-free records, according to speedrun.com, stand at 1:19:06 on PC, 1:23:21 on PS5 and 1:39:33 on PS4. With some improvements, I think the PS4 record is the best to take.

I am impressed with the ways in which players can crack a game that hasn’t come out for two weeks and how they can find the optimal ways through it all. The bug-free sprints sure make my sprint time feel a shame.


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