Square Enix shares fresh new details for Life Sim RPG Harvestella

Square Enix shares fresh new details for Life Sim RPG Harvestella

Photo: Square Enix

Square Enix is ​​keeping the year-end release calendar very busy. Even if you discount titles like Star Ocean: The Divine Force and Valkyrie Elysium, its Switch lineup — which includes The DioField Chronicle, NieR: Automata, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion — is a force to be reckoned with.

But these are all cross-platform versions or ports – and we know we didn’t cover it all there – but one game that Square Enix is ​​releasing is a Switch console exclusive. Harvestella was revealed during Nintendo’s latest Live Partner, and it looks like something a little different for the RPG developer.

Incorporating life simulation, farming, and RPG elements, this looks like the company’s answer to rune factory. With beautiful pastel environments and lush character designs, we are very interested. Today, Square Enix showed off some new details of the game on its blog, focusing on the main city, the game’s action system, character stories, and the different crops you can harvest.

Let’s start with a summary straight from the blog post, shall we?

In everyday life, you can spend a relaxing day farming, fishing or raising livestock before heading into town to socialize and build relationships with the residents. If you want to test your fighting skills, you can enter the dungeon to face hordes of monsters with a variety of weapons and jobs.

Whatever you do, time passes through the seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. But between every one a fifth season: Quietus! During this time, crops wither and die, and deadly dust keeps people trapped indoors.

You’ll need to plan around the changing seasons and the horrific inevitability of Quietus, as you try to solve the mysteries behind this season of death.

Your adventure will begin in the spring city, Nemea. This beautiful violet-hued town is full of blooming flowers all year round, and at night, cherry blossoms dance in the moonlight. But the appearance of a giant egg in the spring light caused monsters to appear and attack the townspeople.

Joining forces with a member of the Argus Brigade, Asyl, you’ll need to travel to Seaslight to find out why the egg is causing this feud.

Besides Asyl, you will also meet Estina, a teacher who takes care of children in the city’s orphanage. She has a bit of a hidden past, though, that she hides from townspeople and children, and pretty much keeps to herself otherwise. But your appearance in the city will change all that for her.

We love Estina. She loves to read and is very smart, and enjoys reading aloud to children – especially around all the different locations of the world. We also appreciate her fearlessness and calm nature.

We also take a look at a new functionality coming to the game. Join Fighter, Mage and Shadow Walker (a program coolest It seems to work at all, if you ask us), there’s a Sky Lancer.

Well, maybe this is It looks cool like Shadow Walker. It’s basically a dragon class that uses a spear and focuses on wind element attacks. She’s also pretty good at crowd control apparently!

To learn new jobs, you have to work with another character who has that job. Good thing Asyl is Sky Lancer, then! We’ll take that as fast as we can in our game.

Characters are also important throughout the game, not just in battle. It’s an RPG, remember! And handsome life. Talk to the residents a key. These Character Stories will focus on character issues, and completing them will increase your proximity, while awarding rewards and combat boosts!

But you’ll also need to harvest, hunt, and ship items as well! And you can prepare some delicious dishes with the ingredients you grow, such as strawberry cake and nemea bolognese. And this is just a sample of what you can make with springtime ingredients! Strawberries are called ‘Strawbuddies’, and this is totally noteworthy

To make this like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, you can harvest crops and fish for… fish, then ship the goods to earn money. You don’t have to cook with them, and sometimes, you’ll want to save up on pennies to buy more goods. And you’ll need to make some things to make other things like wheat.

We’re excited to see what the other seasons bring to the game, and what other jobs we’ll be able to play as in Harvestella. The game launches on the 4th of November, which means we don’t have long to wait for this game to come out!

You can read more about the game in the Square Enix blog post below. And make sure you lLet us know what you think of these new details on Harvestella in the comments!


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