Samsung S95B OLED 4K Smart TV: Quantum leap!

Samsung S95B OLED 4K Smart TV: A Quantum Leap! – pile

Samsung’s new S95B OLED 4K Smart TV combines QLED quantum dot technology with self-illuminating OLED pixels for a truly stunning blend of color and contrast.

OLED has long been the leader in 4K HDR TVs in terms of picture quality, using individual self-illuminating pixels that eliminates the need for a backlight source. The result is stunning contrast, grainy blacks and vibrant colours.

Samsung’s first OLED 4K quantum dot smart TV, the S95B, has 8.3 million self-lighting pixels that work in tandem with 4K AI processing to deliver virtually unlimited contrast. Add the quantum dots – nanocrystals that improve brightness and color gamut – used in QLED panels and you get the best of both worlds in a hybrid display.

Besides quantum dots, the difference here with traditional OLED TVs is that each pixel has three sub-pixels – red, green, and blue – to improve brightness. Since there are no white sub-pixels to compromise on color reproduction, RGB creates an overall more vibrant picture, especially when viewing HDR content.

High dynamic range is further enhanced by Quantum HDR10+ technology, which, like Dolby Vision, renders a more detailed image by using dynamic metadata – enhancing the image scene by scene – to add more color and contrast to supported content.

“…you get the best of both worlds in a hybrid screen.”

OLED TVs are also known for their wide viewing angles, which keeps colors and details consistent no matter where the viewer is sitting in relation to the TV. The S95B’s viewing angle is extremely wide, so even those perched on the fringes will still enjoy a prime location.

Audio-wise, the S95B features 40W 2.0 power. Two channels of audio, with built-in speakers and True Dolby Atmos support for an immersive 3D sound scene that contrast with the TV’s slim, laser-cut design. It also has the ability to wirelessly transmit a Dolby Atmos signal to a compatible Samsung speaker – a world first!

Audio is highly directional and will follow objects on the screen, with voice tracking and an adaptive loudspeaker to ensure you don’t miss a word of the dialogue, even in a noisy room.

Samsung S95B OLED 4K Smart TV

All features and functions of Samsung’s Neo QLED range are listed here. Smart Mode uses smart sensors to automatically adjust picture and sound along with Adaptive Picture Mode that optimizes brightness to suit lighting levels in the room. Samsung’s QLED and Neo QLED TVs have always delivered a stunning picture in brightly lit rooms, and now with enhanced contrast and true OLED blacks, the quality is even more impressive. And there’s an Eye Comfort mode that intelligently detects sunrise and sunset times, and adjusts color temperature and brightness levels for an image that’s always peer-friendly.

Smart connectivity includes support for Google Assistant, Alexa and AirPlay2, as well as wireless screen mirroring from compatible devices, while multi-display lets you see what’s on your smartphone screen simultaneously — useful for checking scores and live sports stats. Bluetooth connectivity facilitates integration of the smart home ecosystem and voice control with compatible devices.

Available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes, the S95B truly is the complete package when it comes to 4K smart TVs and represents a paradigm shift forward for OLED technology. Movie buffs and gamers note – this is the TV you need.

Samsung S95B is coming very close to JB Hi-Fi near you.

Advanced game mode
The S95B takes gaming to the next level with Real Game Enhancer, 4K 144Hz and high-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 support (with compatible controllers), keeping graphics consistently crisp and motion fluid even at high speeds. And in another first from Samsung, AMD Premium Pro technology syncs the TV’s frame rate with the GPU to prevent screen tearing and stuttering.

Gameplay can be expanded with Ultrawide Game View, which offers flexible 32:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios, and gamers also enjoy convenient control with the Game Bar that provides quick navigation to settings such as the TV’s variable refresh rate and other features designed to enhance gameplay.

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