'Pokémon Unite' celebrates its first anniversary with new menu additions

‘Pokémon Unite’ celebrates its first anniversary with new menu additions

A free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title pokemon unite It’s celebrating its first birthday with a bunch of new updates.

New Pokémon, features, events, and campaigns come to the title. One such event is the quick Pika Party Battle, which as the name suggests is a game mode with all the Pokemon on the field like Pikachu. This event runs from August 3 5PM PDT / August 4 1AM GMT to September 1 4:59PM PDT / September 2 12:59AM GMT.

Ultra Beast Buzzwole is also going on added The game will be released on August 3 at 5 PM PDT / August 4 at 1 AM GMT, and is described as a “multi-level player who can take on opposing Pokémon and shoot them into the air.” Buzzwole also has the Beast Boost ability, which temporarily increases their “movement speed and base attack speed every time you hit an opponent’s Pokémon.”

Holowear and Unite licenses for Pikachu, Lucario, Blastoise, Sylveon, and Snorlax have also been granted to players.

Additionally, there is a limited time Boss Rush mode available to play on different dates. It’s currently available until August 8 at 00:59 BST, with the third slot available between August 15 1 AM BST to August 22 00:50 AM BST.

The Unite update teases that the one-year anniversary is “just the beginning of what’s to come”. pokemon uniteWith a total of six new Pokémon, including the recently added Glaceon, Tyranitar (coming August 15) and Buzzwole added to the game, the second batch of unmasked creatures began appearing in September. This will raise the list Total to a respectable 42 minutes.

pokemon unite It was a smash hit for developer TiMi Studio Group, exceeding 70 million downloads across Switch and mobile in April.

In other news, a new trailer for scarlet pokemon And the Violet Released, it displays information on the three different lines as well as the myths that can be dispensed with.

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