Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Shiny Variants for Fidough, Cetitan, and Paldean Wooper

Without officially revealing the new shiny variants of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, one fan shows what they think the rare creatures would look like

New pieces of information about scarlet pokemon And the Violet It has been launching steadily since the game was first revealed earlier this year. There were three official looks on scarlet pokemon And the Violet At the time of writing, all with diving into more detail about the latest major games in the massively successful franchise. So far, fans have seen a look at the new Paldea region, characters that will be added to the story, and of course, new Pokemon to catch. scarlet pokemon And the Violet.

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Something that hasn’t been shown yet scarlet pokemon And the Violet It is what shiny Pokemon will look like in the game, which has led fans to create their own versions of the rare creatures. For non-starter Pokemon, they have a different design than their regular counterparts and appear less frequently, although this has changed somewhat in recent games. For example, it is easier to search for titles like Pokemon Legends: Arceus Because the Pokemon can be seen in the outside world rather than only appearing when the player steps into the tall grass.

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a lot or Pokemon Players love the shiny skins of pocket monsters, with many adding rare Pokemon to their teams as a token of honor that shows how hard they’ve worked to get them. scarlet pokemon And the Violet They’ll have their own versions of shiny new Pokemon, but one fan on Reddit couldn’t wait for those titles to come out in November. Instead, user Immediate-Comb1755 created his own glossy skins for Cetitan, Fidough, and Paldean Wooper, which were all new Pokemon revealed in the latest trailer for Scarlett And the Violet.

Cetitan, a new Ice-type Pokemon, has an interesting new shiny design. Its usual appearance is mostly white, with a bit of gray around its mouth and belly and pink spots on the hands and tail. Instead, the shiny, fan-made variant switches Cetitan’s white to black, with red on his eyes and hands, giving him a more intimidating look. The gray around its stomach has also been replaced by more steel or silver. Fidough’s design maintains the appeal of the dough-and-dog mix, but replaces the yellow color of the Pokémon with a pink shift.

Paldean Wooper may be the most unique of the shiny designs fans have made, giving the new Gen 2 Pokemon a look very similar to its previous incarnation. in scarlet pokemon And the Violet The Paldean Wooper replaces the traditional blue with brown, which symbolizes new life on Earth. However, the Immediate-Comb1755 design brings Wooper back to its original colors, delighting some nostalgic fans in the comments.

scarlet pokemon And the Violet Released on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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