Patch 0.10.0 "Vampire Survivors" introduces nearly 40 cheat codes

Patch 0.10.0 “Vampire Survivors” introduces nearly 40 cheat codes

new Vampire survivors A patch released today (August 4) adds cheat codes, new characters, and more to the game.

As explained by developer Poncle, the 0.10.0 patch (not the 1.0 patch, for which fans will have to “wait a little longer”) is nicknamed “The Not One”, adding two new achievements, two characters (Cosmo Pavone and Big Pants), a new arcana. Cheat, weapon.

There are a lot of cheats that have been added Vampire survivorswith some being more useful than the former.

Joke cheats will make the user interface spin for a short while, while other cheats can unlock each of the five stages in the game. Cheats are also available for all characters and effects in the game, and you unlock them right away. There are also eight secret character cheat codes as well.

Check out the 0.10.0 patch trailer below:

All cheat codes for each unlock should appear on the game’s Steam page when the patch notes are live.

Earlier this year Vampire survivors Talk to creator Luca Galant NME On leaving his full-time game development job: “I just felt like I didn’t have a choice, really. I just thought I’d regret not trying to spend as much time as possible on this. That’s obviously a success, I spent almost nothing on the original game, and I wasn’t I really expect that kind of attention – I just wanted something small that I can play and relax [with] during the Weekend.”

After its launch at the end of 2021, Vampire survivors in Early Access to help ensure that all mods in progress can be properly influenced by community feedback, according to the game’s Steam page.

In other news, more details surrounding the harassment of Bungie employees through the company’s Twitch lawsuit have been revealed.

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