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New Nintendo Switch model not released before March 2023

It appears that it has been confirmed that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will not be released before March 2023.

This comes from Nikkei, who said there will be no new hardware released before March 2023, although it’s unclear if this came directly from the Nintendo boss Nikkei was interviewing or just a decision the outlet made based on the interview.

It was previously believed that the upcoming Nintendo Switch would be released at 1H 2023, due to the fact that Nintendo had been ordering the parts some time ago and the 4K development kits have been with the developers for over a year now.

We obviously don’t know when Breath of the Wild 2 will be released, and it has long been thought that this would be the perfect time for Nintendo to drop a Nintendo Switch enhanced with a new NVIIDA chip that will potentially make 4K images available through the use of DLSS technology.

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch had sold 111 million units and nearly a billion units in software sales, which is pretty huge, and there’s no doubt that Nintendo will look to continue that momentum with a successor at some point.

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