Ivory Coat launches bespoke magazine for pets to deliver better nutrition + lifestyle via The Royals

Ivory Coat launches a magazine dedicated to pets to deliver better nutrition and a better lifestyle through The Royals – Campaign Brief

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Australians love to live a decent and healthy life, so when it comes to looking after our pets, why should it be any different? Pet Health Australia is the first of its kind. A magazine, produced by The Royals, is full of tips, tricks and articles for making the most of a pet’s life, allowing them to be as healthy as you.

Real Pet Food’s Ivory Coat magazine, which specializes in the Australian pet food industry, builds on the agency’s strategy of demonstrating the benefits of a pet diet in a way that pet owners can relate to. It follows Ivory Coat’s integrated campaign, “For Pets As Healthy As You,” launched in May.

Connie McCullich, Director of Brands at The Real Pet Food Company says: “Pet Health is the perfect packaging for Ivory Coat’s mission to deliver better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle for pets in Australia. The royals have done an amazing job creating a complete magazine from scratch in A bold new stage for the Ivory Coat brand. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

All content for this 64-page pet lifestyle magazine has been written, produced, photographed and designed by The Royals Content Engineering Studio, the content arm of the independent agency, in partnership with the pet care experts at Real Pet Food.

With a printed collection of 10,000 articles including the golden rules of pet exercise, what to ask your vet, and stepping into the world of pet technology with the latest technology from Petaverse, Pet Health magazine is distributed by select specialty retailers and this month’s Dog Lover Show.

Pet Health is also available for digital download on the Ivory Coat website – making it easier than ever to make sure your pet is as healthy as you.

While more issues will be printed in the coming months, the first issue explains how to keep your pet healthy and fit with an in-depth analysis of the diets, nutrients needed and exercises essential to living an active life with a specialized fur training program.

“Ivory Coat has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that her food is naturally nutritious with all ingredients to promote health and well-being,” says Sebastian Visor, Executive Creative Director of The Royals. “But we have found that people have not appreciated what this actually means. For humans, it supports many Information Sources about Men’s and Women’s Health. However, it is surprising that no one has specifically stated the benefits of having our furry friends live a healthy and active lifestyle, hence the first publication on the well-being of pets was born.”

Client: Real Pet Food Company
Brand: Ivory Coat
Brand Manager, Real Pet Food Company: Connie McCleulich
Agency: The Royals
Printer: Special T
Photographer: Chloe Lambert

Ivory Coat launches a magazine dedicated to pets to bring better nutrition and a better lifestyle across The Royals
Ivory Coat launches a magazine dedicated to pets to bring better nutrition and a better lifestyle across The Royals

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