It seems that the scarlet and violet pokemon are missing some quality of life features from legends: Arceus

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet appears to have ditched some of the quality of life improvements that were made in Legends: Arceus, including watching your experience points go up outside of battle.

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company gave us our first proper look at Scarlet & Violet’s gameplay, introducing the Paldea region and a host of new Pokemon. While the feedback on most of what was shown was positive (I mean, did you see Fidough?), some Pokemon fans weren’t happy to see that Scarlet & Violet didn’t bring some quality-of-life features that were introduced in Legends: Arceus.

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The Gamer video today

The CentroLeaks Twitter account shared a photo of two examples Where improvements in Legends: Arceus are missing in Scarlet & Violet. The first example is that players will now have to sit through the experience point animation at the end of a match, rather than it happening in real time without interrupting the player.

The second example is that players will also be interrupted and will have to sit across a Pokémon wanting to learn new moves at the end of the battle. Both have been changed in Legends: Arceus no longer interrupts the player, a change that was greatly appreciated considering how often Pokemon evolve and gain experience.

However, these are not the only features that have been removed. As pointed out by ResetEra user Personablue, there are a number of little things that don’t seem to come back. One example is that players cannot choose their Pokémon or attempt to catch a Pokémon before the battle, and must run to ‘Mon’ to start the battle. Finally, the battle speed seems to have slowed down to Sword & Shield, with more walls of text during the battle for status effects.

Removing some of these features is a shame given how positively they were received in Legends: Arceus, but you should probably try to keep the gameplay separate from each other. Not all quality-of-life improvements work in classic Pokemon either, such as being able to throw a Pokeball before fighting a Pokemon.

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