iOS 16 media player missing lock screen volume slider & iPhone users want it back

iOS 16 lock screen media player is missing volume slider

Apple unveiled the latest version of the iPhone operating system – iOS 16 – at WWDC 2022 on June 6. The update includes a lot of new features and improvements.

The latest iOS 16 has completely revamped the iPhone lock screen, introducing various customization options to make it unique. You can use your own widgets, customize colors, and choose from built-in images or backgrounds.

Also added a full screen music player on the lock screen. Before iOS 16, the music player on the lock screen was only available in the form of a small card with music controls.

iOS 16 lock screen media player

But in iOS 16, the music player takes up the entire screen showing album art in the middle and media controls at the bottom. However, it seems that Apple forgot to add the volume slider along with other media controls.

iOS 16 media player on lock screen is missing volume slider

Several iOS 16 beta testers have noticed that Apple has removed the volume slider from the media player on the lock screen. As a result, they experience difficulties when adjusting the volume directly from the lock screen.

It has become inconvenient for users to check or adjust volume status when iPhone screen is locked.

They either have to unlock their iPhone and open the Control Center to adjust the volume or they have to use the volume buttons to do so.

iOS 15 lock screen media player

With the volume slider on the lock screen, you can easily check the current volume status or adjust it simply by moving the volume on the screen. However, Apple removed this with iOS 16.

Those frustrated with this change have turned to social platforms (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to express their concerns. Here are some reports for your reference:


I’m missing the on-screen volume slider in the iOS lock screen launch UI. I hope they add that again before iOS 16 is actually released. (source)

New user interface for music on lock screen. I don’t really like this, but what are your thoughts? RIP volume slider. (source)

Apparently, Apple hasn’t removed the feature completely and it still shows up in the lock screen while playing music on HomePod, TV, or using Airplay.

But other than that, you will not see the volume slider on the lock screen media player. Those uneasy about removing the volume slider are now asking Apple to bring it back.

Hopefully Apple will roll back this change and bring the volume slider back to the lock screen media player, possibly in the stable version.

Having said that, we will keep an eye on the latest developments regarding this and let you know when anything noteworthy comes up.

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