Intel introduces Wi-Fi 7, Apple still launches Wi-Fi 6E - channelnews

Intel introduces Wi-Fi 7, Apple still launches Wi-Fi 6E – channelnews

Intel has announced plans to launch Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of the W-FI standard that is set to replace the current Wi-Fi 6E with doubling data processing speeds of up to 5.8Gbps, supporting up to 36Gbps at Work with data. And a more stable 6GHz bandwidth.

“We are currently developing Intel’s ‘802.11be’ Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi Alliance certification, and it will be installed in computer products such as laptops by 2024. We expect it to appear in major markets in 2025,” Vice said. Head of Wireless Solutions at Intel, Eric McLaughlin.

Additionally, Wi-Fi 7 is set to be future-proof, as it will be built ready to support bandwidths of up to 7GHz once the FCC opens it.

“Wi-Fi 7 nearly doubles the bandwidth of 802.11ax (170MHz) to 320MHz and doubles the speed of Wi-Fi. Since there is only a year left before 802.11be is released, there is still a chance to improve the processing speed further.”

On the other hand, Apple is preparing for the imminent launch of Wi-Fi 6E across its devices, long after it debuted in devices in early 2021. It was expected to be shown on the iPhone 13 last year but is instead expected to launch with the iPhone next 14.

Though late to the party, Apple’s introduction of Wi-Fi 6E will provide users with a massive upgrade in Wi-Fi speed, with access to 6GHz spectrum and speed boosts to 2.6Gbps over 2Gbps of Wi-Fi. 6. While not even close to the double upgrade offered by Wi-Fi 7, it will surely boost iPhone connection speeds.

Currently, most Wi-Fi routers are using less than 50% of their total capabilities due to throttling from firewalls, having multiple users on the same network and more. With Wi-Fi 7, Intel hopes to change that, allowing users to enjoy clearer and faster gaming, media streaming and connectivity in general.

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