How to fix broken volume button in iPhone?  Here are some ideas!

How to fix broken volume button in iPhone? Here are some ideas!

One of the reasons iPhones offer a better resale rating than their Android partners is the powerful hardware. However, this does not mean that they are not prone to disappointment. Assuming that the popular home button has a satisfying power after it’s exhausted, it’s not unexpected that the volume keys will stop, become lethargic and soft, or stop providing needed cash when your iPhone drops.

This type of issue is detrimental to the customer’s experience and can start to feel frustrating in the long run. Assuming you are facing this issue, rate these eleven helpful tips and tricks when iPhone volume buttons not working.

Tips to Fix iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working Problem (2022)

Before going through the answers to fix iPhone volume key stuck or not working issue, what if we first look for a moment at the possible causes? Then, at this point, we have recorded the 11 best tips and solutions for this normal iPhone problem.

What can cause iPhone volume buttons to stop working?
Despite the fact that equipment disappointment is the main thing that strikes a chord when the iPhone volume buttons become idle or stop working, you should not move too soon and visit the help community right away. Things like leftover stacks, hinged but inactive buttons for your state, an interesting programming bug, or an outdated variant of the product may also cause the problem. Thus, we will investigate every conceivable cause and evaluate the arrangements similarly.

On the way, we will also discuss some reliable solutions to allow you to control the volume on your iPhone without using the physical volume buttons. So, look at these potential fixes for the iPhone volume button which is the main thing that needs attention:

  1. Make sure your iPhone’s volume buttons are enabled
    Relatively few iPhone customers may know this, however, iOS comes with a setting that allows you to enable/disable the volume buttons on your iPhone. So first, make sure it’s turned on.
  2. Get rid of your iPhone case
    Don’t accept that, there are some cases (especially the least expensive and least difficult) that need physical buttons. In this way, in case you have inserted a case on your iPhone, remove it and press the volume buttons to check whether it has stopped working or not. In the event that the volume buttons are cool, your case is the culprit and not your iPhone. If you have any desire to buy a responsive button case, we advise you to take a look at our collections of the best iPhone 13 cases, iPhone 13 Pro cases, and iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.
  3. Clean the volume buttons
    Hardly noticeable residue or sticky material that never spoils any chance of slipping into ports and slots. If the volume buttons appear solid or stuck, there is a good chance that debris/dirt is causing the volume buttons to become unresponsive. You can use canned air to remove residue from the volume buttons. In addition, we suggest that you dip the ear cotton in isopropyl liquid and use it to clean the volume and bind it neatly.
  4. Reset your iPhone
    A hard reset (called a force restart) will probably become the most important factor while managing normal iOS 15 issues. As it can basically fix some issues quickly, most iPhone customers are believed to consider it as a means of investigation. In this way, we must give it a chance to settle the iPhone volume button not working issue as well.
  5. Clear all settings
    Assuming your iPhone’s volume buttons aren’t working yet, stab at resetting your iPhone to its production line defaults. Note that it will erase all current settings of your iOS gadget and return it to its unique state. However, your media and information will remain secure.

[Fixed] iPhone volume buttons not working? The best solutions!

Ideally, the volume buttons on your iOS gadget work again, and you can easily change the volume. During many periods, basic tips including hard reset can help you overcome the problem.

In addition, you must constantly ensure that your status buttons are responsive and there is no variety of dirt in the volume buttons, which can disturb their operation. Coincidentally, let’s get into the trick that helped you fix the wicked working volume buttons. Also, assuming you have any arrangements believed to be missing from this assistant, let us know in the notes area below.

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