First AIB allegedly halted production of Intel Arc graphics cards due to 'quality concerns'

First AIB allegedly halted production of Intel Arc graphics cards due to ‘quality concerns’

No one AIB is reported to be interested in Arc . anymore

Igor’LAB reports that the first OEM is to jump on Arc GPUs.

The big board partner no longer produces Intel Arc GPUs. This is claimed by Igor Walusik, who confirmed this information twice over the past day.

Igor does not name the brand, but his post contains a photo of the MSI system, which indirectly indicates that this may be the company in question. MSI is actually one of the few companies that has “confirmed” making Arc graphics, either through advertisements for pre-built systems on Chinese retailers’ websites or through leaked data sheets.

From an OEM perspective, there is a lot of uncertainty in terms of performance and price. Intel is said to not offer any price guarantee for the Arc, which makes the layout more complicated. Maybe that’s why we’ve never heard of any high-end custom model based on the Arc, the only rumors were about mid-range solutions like the ASUS TUF.

At least one of the major board partners has stopped production of Intel cards entirely (“due to quality concerns”), as I can tell yesterday and today. […] Other Board Partners have already at least limited their marketing activities entirely, and it does not currently appear as if there were any real launch attacks from Board Partners in the time window you mentioned between August 5, 2022 and September 29, 2022. What will really hit the market (as a retail) in The next few weeks. From the customer’s point of view, I can only hope for the best, I alone lack faith.

– Yegor Lab

GPU quality and performance may increase maintenance cost, and this includes higher RMA rates and lower demand for parts with non-optimized drivers. That’s why said board partner may have stopped production of ARC cards (but no word on cancellation yet).

Intel is busy now sharing videos answering community questions. The latest one covers support for the Arc GUI. It’s hard to believe that this is the most important question right now, when literally everyone just wants to know if Arc Desktop is available and at what price.

Source: Igor’sLAB

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