Ferrari unveils 296 GT3 race car, replacing 488 GT3

Ferrari unveils 296 GT3 race car, replacing 488 GT3

The Ferrari 296 GT3 is scheduled to make its racing debut in 2023. The race car’s track testing will begin soon.

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August 03, 2022, 09:22 AM

The Ferrari 296 GT3 dry race car weighs just 1.2 tons.

Italian supercar maker Ferrari has taken off the covers of the new 296 GT3 race car. It will replace the Ferrari 488 GT3. The race car is based on the 296 GTB. The manufacturer uses the same 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 from its 296 GTB. It’s clear from the photos that Ferrari has made some track-focused changes to the car.

The engine produces 602 hp of maximum power and 709 Nm of torque. Ferrari has removed the hybrid setup to comply with regulations. For this reason, the power and torque of the 296 GT3 drop at 228 hp and 31 Nm compared to the 296 GTB engine. It comes with a six-speed sequential gearbox with electronic clutch operation. This was done to keep the weight down. When compared, the 296 GTB uses an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 race car is based on the 296 GTB.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 race car is based on the 296 GTB.

Other changes to the race car include a new front splitter, side wings on the bumper, side skirts and wheels designed by Rotiform. Other aerodynamic changes include a new swan neck spoiler and a larger rear diffuser. Because of all the weight reductions, the 296 GT3 has a dry weight of 1,250 kg and downforce is increased by 20 percent.

The racing car’s suspension has been upgraded which will help with its handling. Removing the hybrid system meant that the manufacturer was able to put the engine lower and farther than the standard car. This means that the center of gravity has been lowered and torsional rigidity increased. Ferrari has also upgraded the brakes to increase stopping power.

The cabin of the 296 GT3 has also been modified compared to the 488 GT3. There is a seat belt, air conditioning, adjustable pedals and a racing-spec steering wheel. Ferrari also increased the wheelbase on the 296 GTB. This would help increase stability.

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