Emmaline Carroll Southwell: TikToker parts with a viral Richmond pillow

Emmaline Carroll Southwell: TikToker parts with a viral Richmond pillow

Children’s author and TikTok star Emmaline Carroll Southwell has sold her Richmond apartment as she made it big on closing.

A mother of three and her family have become an internet sensation with the murals they have created on their floor while stuck at home.

Cloth scenes appeared on Harper, 12, Levi, 6, and Violet, 4, traveling everywhere from Sydney Harbor, to Abbey Road, and to the Galaxy Far, far away.

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She also penned her successful children’s book, Our Family Pledge, in the two-story home at 709/8 Howard Street, which was contracted for $1.3 million – $1.35 million.

“We called it our Epidemic Little Mansion, but it was still three kids in a rather small place, even though it’s pretty big by Richmond standards,” she told Property Confidential.

“Being able to see the city and the outside world from the apartment, and feel like you’re still somewhere pulsing, really helped.”

The three-bedroom property is located by the Yarra River as Church St turns into Chapel St, with views of the adjacent nature and CBD skyline.

Ms Carol Southwell said the lockdown had been “little children and chaos” for her and her husband Kenny, and she began painting floor murals as a creative person stuck in the home and family activity.

“Our little urban oasis has a lot of little stories, so it’s very sad to leave, but it’s definitely the time for us,” she said.

Nathan Verwirt, an agent for White Fox, said the apartment has attracted “a really large number of buyers” including young families who “still want to be in the city”, with a big draw for the views.

Carol Southwell now has over 600,000 followers on TikTok after downloading it during the lockdown. She and her children revealed her family’s “mission statement” via a poem on the platform, which became a viral video and then a book deal.

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