Dell will introduce wireless phone charging in laptops - channelNews

Dell will introduce wireless phone charging in laptops – channelNews

Dell is looking to turn its laptops into wireless phone chargers according to a new patent.

The patent, which was initially spotted by Obviously the appleexplains that Dell is looking to use up some extra real estate on its laptops to feature wireless charging technology.

However, instead of mounting the laptop with wireless charging coils, the patent is a wireless charging case that allows charging an external device.

There is no information on how efficient or fast the casing will be, how the technology will work or how it will affect the heat or battery life of the notebook, but the casing will be powered by a small power connector.

The ability to wirelessly charge a device from a laptop might be ideal for those who work remotely or on the go, but it raises the issue of battery life, which is already an issue for many powerful devices. Increasing the battery to counteract the problem will reduce portability, rendering the portability advantages of the notebook null and void.

Moreover, while the sleeve uses up the extra space of a laptop, this space is generally used to rest his wrists while typing, which means new technology can affect ergonomics and comfort. While Dell may have solutions to these problems, the patent says nothing.

Apple is another company that is eyeing wireless charging and has filed three patents to bring wireless charging to their MacBooks. The company tried to combine the technology in the past with Matt AirPower in 2017, but it was canceled in 2019 due to technical issues believed to be related to heat management.

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