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Dead by Daylight’s ‘Hooked on You’ dating sim has been released

Behavior Interactive is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has marked the occasion with a live broadcast showing some of the things in the pipeline, including what’s next Died in broad daylight. Back in May, the behavior revealed that a DBD The dating sim will be arriving sometime this summer. Fans can now dive in hooked on yousince it just arrived on Steam.

hooked on you is the first DBD transverse and developed by I love you, Colonel Sanders! Psyop studio. It is a visual novel in which you can establish a love story between four killers from the main game (where else?) Murderer’s Island. The stories she tells combine humor, romance and horror, even though they are not canon. However, they can allow fans to live outside some of them DBD fantasies.

if l Died in broad daylight By itself, the behavior sheds more light on what to expect from Resident Evil’s second chapter, which is coming out soon. The Resident Evil: Project W DLC will present Albert Wesker (called The Mastermind in DBD) and two new survivors: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Additionally, Behavior is working on a rework of the Raccoon City Police Department map that debuted as part of the original Resident Evil chapter, which arrived last year.

Behavior Beyond’s first show included some new game announcements as well. One of them is meet your maker, a building and raiding game due to arrive next year. You can assemble deadly maze-like outposts filled with traps and guards to protect your desired genetic material from other players. Of course, you (possibly with the help of a friend in co-op) will infiltrate other players’ bases to try to steal items from them. Closed run testing begins later this month.

Also on the road is a brave 3D called Philippines misfits. Up to four players can fight each other in space. The game will arrive on Steam in September. Additionally, the stream provided a look at a title with the codename S . project. It is an open world puzzle game that features single player, co-op, and large multiplayer modes. behavior works on S project, which it plans to launch next year, with Lunarch Studios. More details will be revealed soon.

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