Dead By Daylight dating game 'Hooked On You' gets surprise Steam launch

Dead By Daylight dating game ‘Hooked On You’ gets surprise Steam launch

Behavior Interactive has been launched hooked on youIt is a visual novel that gives players the chance to date killers dead by day.

During the Behavior Beyond show, Behavior Interactive announced it Hooked On You: Dead Daylight Dating Sim Available on Steam today (August 3).

A dating game created to quench the “deep thirst” of fans, hooked on you The series takes place on Murderer’s Island, where “four dead sex killers” dead by day They are looking for romance – The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, The Spirit.

Behavior Interactive describes The Trapper as an “alpha male whose bulbous biceps and single-cut swimsuit leave little to the imagination,” while The Huntress uses its “massive biceps and cute bunny mask” to attract suitors.

Meanwhile, The Wraith is “full of fun and playfulness, with its sunny disposition, fitting buttons, and swimming trunk,” while “The Spirit’s bikini and kimono-clad kimono is all goth and roll, ready to charm and enchant with a katana in pulls.”

Hooked on you: dead by daylight dating sim. Credit: Interactive Behavior

New Trailer for hooked on you It shows that players will be able to establish the friendship and romance of these four killers through the dialogue choices they choose. There will also be a selection of mini games available to play, including slicing food with a machete and playing spin the bottle.

anyway hooked on you Launched with four romantic killers, Behavior Interactive has shared that it has enough killers to do “two more chapters” if it finds fan demand high enough.

The studio also says there is a “conversation to have” about whether IP holders or third-party killers are in dead by day (for example the silent Hillhead of the pyramid HalloweenMike Myers) will allow Behavior Interactive to include their characters in their game progression in an entirely different light.

In other news, Malcolm McDowell announced the postponement of the undercover shooting glumwood.

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