Darren Lockyer Bunker comments, encouraging players to dive to draw penalty

Queensland great Darren Lockyer says interference from the Bunker is encouraging players to milk penalties during incidents of foul play.

Speaking in response to Kurt Capewell’s alleged dive during the Broncos’ 32-18 win over the Tigers on Saturday – where the second rower lingered on the ground after copping a high shot – Lockyer told Wide World of Sports’ QLDER The only reason players remain down is if the on-field referee has failed to see an incident, giving the Bunker time to intervene.

“I don’t like this (diving) being in our game but players are incentivised to do it because of the Bunker,” Lockyer said.

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“If the on-field referee misses it then let it go and then you won’t see guys being incentivised to lay down and milk a penalty.

“There’s no doubt that’s what Kurt was looking to get, was a penalty, and he did get hit high but it was missed by the referee at the time and if it was bad enough the should look after it after the game.”

To stop players from flopping, Lockyer suggested stripping back the powers of the Bunker to just point scoring plays.

“I think we might need to go back a step and just let the Bunker officiate on tries because if you allow the Bunker to step in on these foul play issues, then unfortunately the players are incentivised to do it.

“If the on-field referee misses it or touch judge misses it, then the Bunker can’t come in on it.”

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