Beauty and the Geek finale: What happened?

Beauty and the Geek finale: What happened?

“Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for anybody better,” he said of the Beauty. “She was the best partner. I love her so much.

“I’m just very happy that we got to spend time together because she really made me shine and I felt like I made her do the exact same thing. We just had so much fun together on the whole experience.”

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Emily says Beauty and the Geek helped her heal after being assaulted.

Emily had a tough experience before entering Beauty and the Geektelling 9Entertainment she was a victim of sexual assault just months before the show began filming.

“When everything happened, I was broken,” she said. “Two of my friends had to pick me up off the floor.”

She says the show helped her to heal, adding that she made lifelong pals with her partner Jason and the rest of the Beauties from the show.

“I feel like coming on to the show, it was like God sending me something to pick me back up off the floor and help me heal, and it honestly did,” she explained. “It made me see my worth, it made me enjoy life again. It healed me more than anything else could.”

Emily revealed she told the other Beauties about her experience within the first week.

“Coming onto the show… the first week that I met the [Beauties] It was crazy how quickly I got along with them,” she said. “I told them about what happened maybe two day of meeting them, and it was really nice having that support throughout the entire show. Also, meeting the Geeks, I saw how boys should treat me rather than how I’ve been treated so terribly before.

“It’s honestly just put all those pieces back together, as I walked in broken from what happened.”

Emily also added that her fellow contestant, Jason, had been an “amazing” support.

“Jason was amazing. Off-screen, I did tell Jason the things that had happened to me and he was amazing. He was so supportive,” she said. “He knew I had a lot of insecurities, and every time I saw him he would give me some sort of compliment and make sure I was feeling okay.

“He was a massive turning point in everything.”

If this has raised any issues for you, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) – the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counseling service.

Feature Image: Channel 9/ Instagram @BATG.

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