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Apple’s COVID-19 response team lets employees finally get rid of their masks

Apple’s COVID-19 response team sent an internal email to employees letting them know they no longer need to wear face masks, according to The Verge. Nearly three years after the start of the pandemic, Apple is finally giving its employees the choice of whether or not to wear a mask, rather than forcing people on.

In the email, Apple said that due to the current circumstances, people no longer need to wear masks. While the rule change applies at most sites, the company said there may be some exceptions, but did not give details. The company said employees can still choose to wear masks if they wish. I asked employees to respect each other’s decisions about what they decide to do in the future.

The email reads:


We are writing to share an update to our current protocols. Under the current circumstances, wearing a face mask will no longer be required in most locations. As always, please check Welcome Forward regularly for the specific requirements of your location, including those of your local health authorities, or any location you may visit.

We understand that everyone’s personal circumstances are different. Feel free to continue wearing the face mask if you feel more comfortable doing so. Please also respect each individual’s decision to wear a mask or not.

Thank you for everything you’re doing to support Apple’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

COVID-19 Response Team

Despite the outbreak of new variants of COVID-19 around the world, the situation today is certainly different from what it was during previous waves of the pandemic. The fact that most people have received a full course of COVID-19 vaccines, as well as boosters, means that far fewer people become seriously ill after contracting the disease. Typical symptoms of those who now develop it include a sore throat, cough, and an elevated heart rate. The disease usually lasts about 10 days before it goes away.

In May, Apple decided to slow down its hybrid business plans, in which employees would come to work for a few days and work remotely the rest of the time. At this time, the company required employees to wear masks in public places such as meeting rooms, hallways and elevators. With today’s update, these rules are no longer in effect.

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