Another PlayStation Game Quietly Comes To The PC

Another PlayStation game quietly coming to PC

While a big deal has been made about the arrival of some previous PlayStation exclusives on PC – like PC horizon And the God of War – No agreement was ever reached last week on a much lower level game, but I love it regardless.

this game Hohokum, which was first released on PlayStation 4 (and PS3 and Vita) in 2014, which remains one of the coolest video game experiences available. A collaborative work between artist Richard Hogg, developers Honeyslug and record company Ghostly, Hohokum he is beautiful A 2D adventure where you play a worm…a kite…something that floats around its different levels, spinning around colorful landscapes just to see what’s going to happen.

it’s magic. I love this game so much that in the midst of all the hardware drama and blockbuster releases that make up our roundup of the latest generation of consoles, I wrote a whole thing about this little game, which I describe as – in terms of fulfilling its ambitions – perfect.

You are moving a big snake around a floating landscape, sometimes bumping into things, sometimes flying through things. You don’t fight, talk, or do much of anything.

Until now Hohokum These are not restrictions. It is a canvas.

It’s a game that understands the connections between interaction, visuals, and soundtrack to terrifying perfection. Both are inspired by and depend on the other two, to the point that once they start Hohokum It is almost synchronous.

one thing Hohokum It is now proven that it, too, is timeless. Eight years after its original release, its art style isn’t a day late, and it technically looks as if it could have been released yesterday. Its accompanying heavyweight soundtrack looks just as good in 2022 as it did in 2014, no doubt about the fact that many of the artists involved – like Taiko – are still killing it today.

So if you haven’t owned a PlayStation in a while and haven’t been able to check it out, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Annapurna has published this PC version (which, admittedly, probably caused less fanfare than if Sony had released it), and it’s now available on Steam.

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