Amnesty International asked to show a picture of the closest secret on Earth 01 |

Amnesty International asked to show a picture of the closest secret on earth

A viral artificial intelligence has been asked to produce an original picture of the most secretive secrets on Earth.

artificial intelligence It was formerly called DALL-E, which is currently referred to as Craiyon, has been asked to show what is believed to be the closest secret on Earth. The AI ​​uses the “DALL-E mini” model, which was trained by Boris Dayma and Pedro Cuenca using Google Cloud Servers. The AI ​​is able to produce original images for any user who enters it into their text prompt box.

The audience can enter any question or phrase they like, and the AI ​​usually spends less than a minute producing a set of images that will appear as a visual representation of the text entered into the box. Although AI does not hold any predictive value for future events, it can still produce incredibly interesting images based on simple text requests. Try artificial intelligence for yourself to test your imagination.

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Try Crayon Lord.

Jack Connor

Jack Connor

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