Amnesty International asked to show a picture of the biggest threat to humanity 01 |

Amnesty International asked to show a picture of the biggest threat to humanity

An artificial intelligence model designed to produce images from text entered into a chat box was asked to produce images of the greatest threat to humanity.

The artificial intelligence used to produce these images is called Crayon, formerly known as DALLE mini. The name change came on the heels of its rise in popularity as OpenAI, the company founded by Elon Musk behind the GPT-3 model, asked creators Boris Duma and Pedro Cuenca to change the name of AI to convert text to image to make the models more distinguishable from one another.

Now Craiyon AI is being asked many questions every day by users around the world who want to test their imagination about what AI can produce and with what level of accuracy. Anyone can visit the Craiyon website to experience the AI ​​for themselves. Many users have found that AI can create incredibly artistic and original wallpapers for phones and desktops.

If you want to try Craiyon, Check it out here.

Jack Connor

Jack Connor

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