Amazon Luna is now available on Samsung TVs

Amazon Luna is now available on Samsung TVs

(Pocket-lint) – Amazon’s streaming service Luna has become the latest addition to Samsung’s relatively new Gaming Hub on 2022 TVs, allowing gamers to stream games without any additional controller.

The service launched with Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now streaming support, but it’s clear that it will expand to welcome other streaming services if relevant, including Luna.

Samsung notes that with the library provided by Luna, you can now access over 1,000 games with your 2022 Samsung TV without having to purchase a console of any kind, which is impressive given the way it was launched recently.

Obviously, you’ll need quite a few expensive one-off monthly memberships to access that entire library at the same time, but the point is still there.

Luna has been a quieter part of the streaming market since Amazon launched it in late 2020, but it’s running as smoothly as Xbox’s streaming efforts credits Amazon.

As with other services, you’ll need at least a stable 10Mbps connection to access streaming reliably, although the most realistic minimum to get a good experience is 20Mbps.

Currently, only 2022 Samsung TVs have been given access to the Gaming Hub, but when we spoke to Samsung, she confirmed that they are working on potentially bringing the features to older TVs as well.

Written by Max Freeman Mills.

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